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  • Nice Commodity is a ONE-STOP  bamboo cosmetic packaging solution supplier, we have 100+ kinds of bamboo packages for you to choose,bamboo cream jars with over 20 kinds.
  • We also has a strong supply chain to help customers to solve some buying problems in China.
  • Zhengfeng Babmoo Provides low MOQ for some regular items to start-up company,such as bamboo cream jar, bamboo roller bottle, bamboo dropper etc.
  • We provides ODM & OEM service, we have our own design department to develop new bamboo cosmetic packages,especially in the top-rate sale bamboo cream jars, we are always find some different designs to let you or your brand looking distinctive beyond your competitors.
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Nice Commodity Is Your Trustful
Bamboo Cosmetic Packaging Supplier

  • As a manufacturer with over 15 years experience for producing bamboo cosmetic packaging for cosmetic industry, and you can find suggestions from us for your brand package if you want to use the sustainable bamboo.
  • No matter you are familiar with the bamboo cosmetic packaging production process, we would like to tell you that the main production steps are hand-worked, as you know, making by hand is not that fast, but we have combined the machines with handwork together, so that our production capability can meet the the rapid increasing in demand of bamboo cream jar. Nice Commodity has over 50+ digital controlled lathe, 3 polishing lines, 2coating lines and 2 assemble lines now. And we increased machines even year to enlarge our capacity, especially the bamboo cosmetic jar, bamboo dropper, bamboo roller bottle etc.
  • For the bamboo cosmetic packaging products, the quality is controlled strictly, all the products are inspected and touched by hand 100%, we hope when your customers hold or catch sight of the bamboo cream jar, it seems that it feels the real perfect natural.

Bamboo cosmetic container

  • Material: Acrylic and Bamboo
  • Capacity: 5ml; 20ml; 30ml; 50ml; 100ml
  • MOQ: 3,000 pieces
  • Labelling Options: Laser Engraving, Screen Printing, and Paper Printing
  • What’s it good for? You can use it for products like Eye Cream, Face Cream, and Eye Shadow Cream.
  • Material: Glass and Bamboo
  • Capacity: 5ml; 15ml; 20ml; 30ml; 50ml; 100ml
  • MOQ: 1,000pieces
  • Labelling Options: Laser Engraving, Screen Printing, and Paper Printing
  • What’s it good for? You can use it for products like Eye Cream, Face Cream, and Eye Shadow Cream.
  • Material: Glass and Bamboo
  • Capacity:15ml; 30ml; 50ml; 100ml; 150ml; 200ml; 250ml
  • MOQ: 1,000 pieces
  • Labelling Options: Laser Engraving, Screen Printing, and Paper Printing
  • What’s it good for? You can use it for products like face and body cream.
  • Material: PET Plastic bottle+bamboo cap
  • Neck Size:24/410 ; 28/410
  • MOQ: 1,000 pieces
  • Labelling Options: Laser Engraving, Screen Printing, and Paper Printing
  • What’s it good for? You can use it as a lotion dispenser.
  • Material: Glass Bottle + Bamboo Pump
  • Volume Size:30ml 50ml 80ml 150ml 200ml 250ml
  • MOQ: 1,000 pieces
  • Labelling Options: Laser Engraving, Screen Printing, and Labeling
  • What’s it good for? You could use it for Perfume,lotion,serum,essential oil and so on.
  • Material: Pet bottle+bamboo lotion pump
  • Capacity:250ml 300ml
  • MOQ: 1,000 pieces
  • Labelling Options: Laser Engraving, Screen Printing, and Paper Printing
  • What’s it good for? Shower Gel ; Shampoo

Company File

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The company was founded in 2004,engaged in bamboo cosmetic packaing products.

Over the years, we have accumulated numerous custo-mers around the world. Have our own request is very high, we want our customers to receive our product, is satisfied, is happy.


Our company covers an area of 10, 000 square meters, has more than 500 employees, has its own production lines.


We have a professional design and production technical team, design unique, durable high-quality products.


Our annual export volume is up to 100 million pieces, and our products are sold to more than 36 countries in the world.

Bamboo Cosmetic Packaing:The Definitive Buying Guide

If you’re seriously considering investing in bamboo cosmestic packaging for your cosmetic or skincare products, the following will help you find real answers. You’ll learn how to order from a bamboo cream jar manufacturer from China no matter where in the world you are. It’s an easy guide whether you’re a newbie or a pro with eco-conscious packaging.

1. What’s the use of using glass, acrylic, or plastic instead of an all-bamboo products?

Bamboo is a sustainable product for most packaging but it’s not entirely safe if your product can’t cope up with its airhole. Without glass, acrylic, or plastic, your creams will come into contact with the air around and begin to expire quickly.

Because cosmetic products require superb care when it comes to packaging, these are best for the economical and lifespan side of your product if you want to take the ‘bamboo path’. At Nice Commodity, we care about your products and only use sustainable bamboo for our packaging range of products.

2.Is it safe to use plastic with bamboo cosmetic packaing for the environment?

When it comes to the plastic used in the Nice Commodity range of cream jars, we always stick to PP or PET. What’s good about PP and PET for your bamboo cosmetic packaing? These are recyclable plastics.

After the customer finishes using your product, the plastic and the bamboo can be easily segregated for waste management and recycling. At present, our R&D is working on combining the PCR plastic or Post-Consumer Recycled Material for the inner jar and bottles for a better alternative for waste management.

3. How to discard bamboo cosmetic packaging after use? What should we inform our customers?

You can let your customers know that the bamboo-part is sustainable and they can separate the bamboo from the plastic or glass part. Next they have to recycle the plastic and bamboo can be added to flower pots after chipping or simply thrown away.

4. What types of bamboo packaging do you manufacture at Nice Commodity?

Nice Commodity has been in the field of bamboo cosmetic package manufacturing for a few years and that’s the main reason why we can accommodate a wide range of bamboo packaging products no matter how big, small, or special your cosmetic product is. To see the category find the bamboo cosmetic packaging you prefer.Below are several option for your choice

5. What is the difference between our bamboo packaing with other cosmetic packaging in the market?

At Nice Commodity, our motive is to reduce the use of plastic to the most minimum amount. With packaings made with wholly glass and plastic that increase the pollution sporadically. We replace the outer covering and everything with bamboo.

On the other hand, others use electroplating and similar techniques to induce different colors and aesthetic effects to packaging even though electroplating is highly pollutive. While our bamboo is 100% natural and renewable wherein you can customers can feel nature in their hands, others bring more harm to the environment.

6. We are a start-up business. Do you have some suggestions for cosmetic packaging for our products?

Congratulations if you’re just starting about in the world of cosmetics. We have years of experience in the industry and can help you start on the right path. While there are many people who want branded packaging but don’t have a good idea, it’s always better to have an idea about what you want. From sizes of cream bamboo jars to choosing the base material, there are many things to select based on the product and the purpose. You can get started by talking about your requirements and needs to our sales representative directly via the contact form. They can help you finalize what type of branding would go best with your products. We also offer paper printing, screen printing, and laser engraving for bamboo cream jars. Based on your selections, we can also offer packages customized for your needs. Get in touch today!

7. What is your MOQ for the bamboo cosmetic packaing?

The minimum order quantity of all products on Nice Commodity isn’t the same. Please read on to find out the list of MOQs for different bamboo cosmetic packaings.Or you can send inquiry to discuss with our sales team directly.

8. Why is your bamboo packaing is more expensive than other glass or plastic packagings?

When it comes to the cost of raw materials, plastic and glass are cheaper to produce than almost everything else. Acrylic is also quite the same. But bamboo is quite expensive than other things because most of its processing is by hand. Unlike plastic, it’s derived from nature, and labor costs a good amount.

Plastic is the cheapest to produce, followed by glass. Bamboo comes later in the cost outline but is more beneficial to the planet than anything else.

9. I’ve used bamboo containers before. Why does it crack and what do you do to prevent it?

Bamboo, like most things around us, can break under unfavorable circumstances. Let’s look at the two reasons why this happens:

Poor quality bamboo: Some manufacturers use low-quality bamboo that can break easily. On the contrary, Nice Commodity strictly uses five-year aged bamboo to produce our products.

Shell thickness: For a small tube, the bamboo shell thickness minimum is 2mm. If you’re worried about cracks, we can also do thicker sizes based on your cream jar requirement.

10. Will the bamboo go moldy?

When kept at room temperature and balanced humidity, bamboo doesn’t grow mold. However, when bamboo is kept in damp spaces like bathrooms, it can become moldy.

At Nice Commodity, we use a special coating treatment in the clear hue to prevent mold from forming. But that’s not what all manufacturers do. That’s why it’s important to choose a plastic or glass mix of bamboo cosmetic containers for your products.

Also, ask customers to keep bamboo containers in dry and convenient spaces away from dampness to lengthen their shelf life. You can look at the difference in coating below.

11. Can the bamboo packaging be reused?

One of the wisest ways of cutting down plastic waste is by increase the reusability of available plastics. For example, if a bamboo cream jar is capable of being reused into a jewelry box or pillbox, it’s a good product.

Talk with our experts for innovative ideas on ‘ways to reuse bamboo packaging’.

These are also excellent packaging where in you can run campaigns asking customers to return the jar to earn discounts on future purchases with the marketing messaging of ‘doing your part for the planet’.

While this isn’t easy, it’s definitely a way to get your foot with customers who are eco-conscious. Even if they don’t return it, the jars are aesthetically appealing enough to be reused plenty of times.

12. Can we add a brand logo on the bamboo packaing?

At Nice Commodity, adding the logo of your brand is a fairly easy process. All you need to do is offer your logo in a high-resolution AI artwork and we’ll take care of all the rest. You also have to choose whether to get it paper printed, screen printed, or laser printed.

Choose your pick and let the branding speak through the packaging.

13. Can we get a sample from Nice Commodity?

You can get free samples for cosmetic products from Nice Commodity at any time. All you need to do is pay the freight charges or the shipping cost. We’ll send you the product prototypes you’re interested in on time so that you can take an informed decision on which to invest in.

For custom samples, we take 60 USD per piece and 60 USD for screen printing. Talk with an expert to find out more about the prices.

14. Which Shipping way is available?

Placing orders and getting them shipped the way you want on Nice Commodity is easy. We offer a broad range of shipping services such as DHL, FedEx, UPS, and TNT to choose from. You can select air shipping or even sea/freight shipping if your order is heavy/bulky.

15. What should I know before ordering the bamboo cosmetic container?

Whether you’re new to the cosmetics industry or a pro, bamboo packaging can be of huge use. Before signing up for it, you should have a clear idea about the products you want to package in bamboo.

  • For newbies, it’s important to research or contact our sales representative to figure out which is the right product for you.
  • For those of you who are thinking of switching to a bamboo package from another package, you’re already familiar with the business. Just let us know the size, style, and a total number of bottles or cream jars you need and we’ll get it ready for you at the earliest. Talk to us today to receive a sample quote right away!
  • If you’re already using bamboo packaging for your cosmetic products but want to switch to Nice Commodity, we can still help you with custom packages and quotes. Mention your specifications and you’ll hear back from experts directly.

16. I have my own plastic or glass accessories, can I order just the bamboo part from you? How does it work?

Yes, at Nice Commodity, we do provide OEM service for our clients and customers. All you need to do is follow the stepwise guide to make it happen:

  • Get in touch with us.
  • Mail us the raw materials and specifications you have.
  • We will assess how to work with your
  • You’ll receive a detailed quote from us.
  • We’ll create the sample product according to your demands.
  • You receive the order.

That’s it!

17. How long does Nice Commodity take to produce the packages?

Lead time for products that are in stock at Nice Commodity is not more than seven days. So get in touch with our customer service team to confirm whether the product you want is in stock.

But if you’re looking for custom cosmetic packaging with bamboo, then the duration will range between 35 to 40 days. Our executives will be able to give you a better turnaround time based on the total number of packaging you want.

18. Are Nice Commodity Products always with stock?

At Nice Commodity, all the products you see listed on the website are mostly in stock. Apart from custom orders, we keep everything so as to accommodate your needs. Regular stock necessarily includes glass jar with bamboo lids and droppers. You can also get roller bottles without worries. But before taking a final decision, get in touch with our service team to get a surefire quote.

19. Do you provide bamboo cosmetic containers at wholesale prices?

Nice Commodity is bamboo cosmetic packaging manufacturer, but not just a supplier or a wholesaler.You can always purchase all our cosmetic packaging containers at a great price when you buy in bulk.

Moreover, items are made to order so you can go ahead and customize their size, specifics, and branding components as you want. Please check the Minimum Order Quantity of individual products before you order.

20. What are the quality control processes of Nice Commodity that guarantee the high quality of products?

As you can observe from the aforementioned video, our inspection is thorough and the assembly process is completed entirely by hand. This is a standard practice of Nice Commodity to touch and assess each product to guarantee its quality. This also helps the quality control team to weed out the bad ones easily. Our quality checks are failproof so you don’t have to fret about it!

21. If any defective products, will you solve this for us?

Once you’ve received cosmetic packaging from Nice Commodity, you needn’t worry about anything. In case you receive a product with manufacturing defects or one that faced damages while in transit, just let us know, and we’ll take care of all the rest. Our team will make sure to make up for the defective cream jars in your next order.

If this is about a recent order, email or send us an update via the contact us form to start a conversation right away.

22. How do I pay for orders placed with Nice Commodity?

Being a manufacturer, Nice Commodity is a B2B business. That’s why we can’t support online payments like in the case of retail platforms. You can get in touch with us to draft and sign the contract for the order by standard norms. Everything will be handled formally.

You can send us the freight charges for samples or small orders via PayPal, Bank Transfer, and T/T for big orders. Please send your inquiries to our team and we’ll get back to you ASAP.

23. I prefer the packaging with the bamboo,do you have other normal packing products?

Be honetlys,we have partner which could offer the acrylic,pet,PP cosmetic packaging products.Please visit Jenza daily products to find more options. 

24.Need more infromation of the bamboo cosmetic packaging products?

We’re able to provide the lotion bottle,dropper bottle,sprayer bottle,roller on bottle and so on products.Please click below category to check the details.

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